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Exciting Football For Kids In West Midlands

For energetic youngsters aged 3½ to 5 years in West Midlands, mighty kickers at Little Kickers West Midlands are the perfect blend of friendly child football fun. Focusing on fast-paced, football-oriented games, we cater to boundless energy while keeping the essence of play intact. Our structured lessons emphasise team play and gradually introduce matches. Mighty Kickers classes adopt a comprehensive learning approach, combining play, practice, and understanding. Through disguised learning, we cover key areas like personal development, communication, mathematics, knowledge of the world, physical skills, and creativity. 

The mighty kickers' stage marks an exciting transition where the skills acquired take centre stage in team play and introductory football matches. This phase amplifies the fun as children apply their learned abilities collaboratively, fostering a deeper understanding of teamwork and essential match dynamics. It's a pivotal moment in their football journey where individual skills seamlessly integrate into a collective effort. Join us in the West Midlands for child-friendly football that's engaging, educational, and full of boundless fun.

Skill Development And Badge Certification

Mighty Kickers instils football fundamentals within a joyful learning environment, employing a proven structure through interactive games. Quarterly badges mark milestones in key physical, cognitive, and football skills, proudly showcased by our mighty kickers to teammates and family. Developmental expectations for this age group include enhanced social, emotional, and cognitive skills, fostering good peer interaction, a strong sense of identity, and a grasp of basic team play concepts. Improved physical fitness is achieved by emphasising warm-up/cool-down and stretching, allowing children to demonstrate control in movements and ball-related skills. From directional dribbling to striking, our mighty kickers progress confidently and skilfully.

Highlighted Features

What To Expect?

  • Foster independence as children engage in classes without parental participation.

  • Enjoy a 45-minute session weekly.

  • Maximum of two coaches for up to 18 children.

  • New participants are welcomed with an exclusive football kit.

  • Embark on the Mighty Kickers journey with six distinct badges to collect throughout the program.

Consider Us For Football For Kids. Call Now On 07545 236917.

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