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Friendly Child Football Classes In West Midlands

Mega Kickers at Little Kickers West Midlands, tailored for ages 5 to 8 years, marks the culmination of earlier stages, blending acquired skills into real football matches. While parent participation isn't mandatory, parents/carers are encouraged to stay as their children progress through engaging sessions. The focus extends beyond football skills to encompass social and cognitive development. Each session includes a 20-minute match, emphasising fair play and the practical application of game rules.

In the mega kickers' group, we prioritise skill development through tailored games, ensuring maximum ball touches for every child with their individual ball. The sessions progressively challenge, allowing continuous skill acquisition while accommodating their abilities. As children become more competitive, the climax of each session is the match – a perfect outlet for channelling their energy and applying skills in a real-world scenario. Mega Kickers fosters a love for child football and teaches valuable life lessons in fair play, teamwork, and hard work. Contact us for an engaging and challenging football experience.

Achievement Badges And Essential Skills

Mega Kickers age group imparts football fundamentals through enjoyable games in a structured environment. Quarterly badges celebrate the physical, cognitive, and football skills acquired. Children proudly share these achievements with teammates and family. Developmental stages for this age group include enhanced attention skills, a grasp of team and positional play, and an emphasis on fair play over winning or losing. They develop a strong sense of identity within the session. Physically, they improve responsiveness and understand how effort helps in better performance. In football-specific skills, mega kickers master ball control, dribbling, various kicks, and comprehend positional play and basic match rules. Join us for a fun-filled journey where fundamentals meet football passion.

Key Aspects

  • Children participate independently, promoting autonomy.

  • Enjoy a 50-minute class weekly.

  • A maximum of two coaches for up to 18 children.

  • New starters receive an exclusive football kit.

  • Embark on the Mega Kickers journey with eight distinctive badges to collect throughout the program.

For Child Football Classes, Give Us A Call On 07545 236917.

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