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Joyful Football Coaching In West Midlands

At Little Kickers West Midlands, our Little Kicks football coaching classes cater to children aged 1.5 to 2.5 years in selected areas, including West Midlands, Stourbridge, Telford, and Sutton Coldfield. These sessions require parent participation and introduce the children to the basics of football – dribbling, striking, and goal-scoring – in a play-oriented yet structured format. The focus is on 'learning to learn,' utilising play, repetition, and structure to enhance cognitive and social skills. Parents actively participate in some games, fostering a supportive learning environment, while others target developing independence. These classes provide a foundation for a love of football and contribute to valuable early education. Contact us for more information. 

Key Features Of Little Kicks Classes Group

  • 18 months to 2.5 years

  • Classes are 40 minutes long and conducted weekly.

  • Every child is equipped with a personalised football kit.

  • The little kicks program includes the opportunity to collect four distinctive badges, adding a unique touch to each child's journey.

A toddler holding a football

Badges And Certifications

Little Kickers West Midlands employs an engaging and proven structure to instil football fundamentals through games in a playful learning environment. Quarterly badges are awarded to our little kickers, showcasing their progress in key physical, cognitive, and football skills. Our young players display these badges to teammates and family. In the developmental stages outlined below, we recognise the unique needs of this age group:

Social, Emotional, And Cognitive

  • Age appropriate expectations of participation and progression.

  • Parental and coaching support during sessions.

  • Exploring new situations and becoming comfortable around peers and coach role models.

  • Increasing awareness of surroundings and new environments.


  • Challenges with balance and coordination.

  • Introduction to various movements (running, jumping, etc.).

  • Struggles with balancing.

Football Specific

  • Capable of basic, one-paced kicking.

  • Can hold the stop position with assistance.

  • Difficulty in dribbling the ball.

  • Quick adoption of goal-scoring enjoyment.

Our primary objective is to acclimate children to the session structure, enhance confidence and attention, foster basic motor skills, and cultivate a sound kicking technique.

Call 07545 236917 To Enrol Your Child In Exciting Football Training In West Midlands!

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