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Join Fun Toddler Football Classes In West Midlands

Junior Kickers at Little Kickers West Midlands offers engaging toddler football classes for ages 2.5 to 3.5 years in West Midlands, Stourbridge, Telford, and Sutton Coldfield. Parent participation isn't mandatory, but initially, staying close is encouraged. Play-based learning upgrades physical and mental skills in a fun atmosphere. Our games make learning enjoyable, boosting confidence for self-initiated participation and independent play. Experience toddler football beyond the basics, providing a solid foundation for a lasting love of the game. Our foremost objective is to instil a genuine love for classes among children, fostering enjoyment and facilitating substantial skill development. This passion, in turn, cultivates a sense of confidence, empowering children to participate and engage actively and independently in the learning process. Through this approach, we aim to create an environment where the joy of classes seamlessly intertwines with valuable skill enhancement, ensuring every child's well-rounded and fulfilling experience. Join us for skill-building fun!


Junior Kickers at Little Kickers West Midlands focuses on FUNdamentals and Badge Certification, offering a dynamic and enjoyable learning experience. Children develop key physical, cognitive, and football skills through engaging games within our proven structure. Quarterly badges celebrate their achievements, becoming a source of pride for our little kickers. We anticipate social, emotional, and cognitive growth in this age group, with better comprehension and confidence for independent participation. Physical development includes improved body control, stamina, and speed, while football-specific skills progress from basic kicking to competent directional kicking and slow dribbling. Our coaches provide substantial guidance in this exciting developmental journey.

Key Features

  • The class is 45 minutes long and is conducted weekly

  • Maximum two coaches for up to 18 children 

  • Every new participant is welcomed with a complimentary football kit.

  • Explore the junior kickers' journey with four distinctive badges to collect throughout the program.

For Toddler Football Lessons, Call 07545 236917.

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